You are what you eat

Obesity is becoming the single greatest health challenge for the current century.

Diabetes, heart disease, and cancers are the leading causes of death, globally–all of which are known to stem from nutritional imbalances and obesity. Today, half a billion people remain undernourished worldwide. Does this not seem problematic?

With obesity-related diseases on the rise, an economic crisis is also brewing due to the impact such diseases have on health systems and national budgets alike. Many blame the fast-food industry for corrupting the eating habits of millions of people around the globe. However, food prices also have an impact directly correlating to healthy eating lifestyles.

You are what you eat is not new information. Reverting to a healthy eating lifestyle that includes exercise is the only way to reverse this dilemma, yet many choose the easier route that fits fairer with their pockets. Perhaps it’s time there is equality amongst food prices that will enable families to purchase healthier foods rather than fatty take-out. Maybe it’s time for a revolution in the food industry that aims for their customer’s health being their number one priority. 

Or maybe it’s time you start eating your way to good health rather than be fed disease-causing toxic food. It may cost you more today, but it will save you headaches tomorrow. 


One comment

  1. Like you say, many blame fast food chains, but I don’t think that they are to blame… People have the ability to make choices (and I really don’t think fast food is actually cheaper than making your own!),
    It seems that people are becoming lazy, both in eating properly and exercising… and perhaps technology has played a large role in this? Spending too much time playing computer games, checking out Facebook, texting, blogging, etc… rather that taking the time to make a healthy dinner & go out for a walk!
    Lets get back to good old fashioned family meals, sitting around the table & communicating – in person! And some fun family time exercising rather than watching TV/Movies!

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